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Wood Ox. Zhuge Liang invented Me

WIP~ :))

I want to finish this as soon as I can, but many things come up… In the meantime, let’s have some fun!

If any of you guys can guess correctly on what series those characters are, then I’ll pile you up for a request. One free drawing for the first person who answers correctly! though I seriously doubt that anyone interested

1day1pict: A 365 Day Art Challenge


Original source: http://1d1p.7.tool.ms/

I decided to translate this ridiculously long list because I figured it would be an awesome challenge for anyone who might want to give it a go. My Japanese skills are still weak sauce, so if you notice any mistakes or know a better way of wording something, please feel free to tell me and I’ll make the correction asap.

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random mas-mas drawing… loosely based from Ananda Everingham, lol

I know I don’t catch their images properly, but still… just love to draw them is all.

Anyway, I’m against them being a couple. Let their bromance just be bromance.

For Art Trade with Yuri

Still lines and flatties though

Some over-the-top doodle… I haven’t draw Brigitte in such a long time


Besok kalo saya punya anak lg lomba mewarnai mau aku biarin aja sapi warnanya pink apa kuning.. *efek bar traweh trus ngancani bocah2 lomba mewarnai, ibu2 pada ngotot anknya kudu ngewarnain sesuai warna aslinya “loh dek daun kok merah, itu harusnya ijo..”* ㅡ.ㅡ” at Kota Gede – Read on Path.

hahaha, seconded! :))

Giving an old sketch some flatties because bored :/